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i feel like mary lambert just saved my entire day by putting out this music video

im violently crying like literally every time i hear this i cant not sob

Wowwwww I love this so much

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One of the BEST ad campaigns about representation I have seen.

Everyone has a backbone. Use yours.

I can’t possibly love this enough

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studying on a Friday



happy #spring

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" When someone genuine knocks on your heart, you’ve got to let go of the stupid stuff from your past. Let them in. Give them space to show you what love looks like. Because you can take it. Your heart’s not glass. "


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This fits

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When I’ve been on buzzfeed for over two hours since I got to work and it’s barely noon


When I've been browsing the internet for 2 hours on a Monday

" Marry a guy who is as smart as you and will challenge you. And can make you laugh. That is the most important. "

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There’s too much “I need him, he completes me” and not enough “I complete me yet I want them along for this journey”

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